Preparing a Three-month Sleep Training Schedule for Babies

If your baby is approaching the three-month milestone, it means they are now ready for a more structured sleeping schedule. This is good news for parents who have been struggling with sleep deprivation associated with having a newborn baby. If you attend parent education programs, you will be advised to start sleep training as soon as your baby hits three months. This means that you have to be prepared so that you get it right.

The Preparation Process

Be physically and mentally prepared: Sleep training is a parenting journey filled with many ups and downs. You should be ready for seasons of listening to your child crying, watching them as they struggle to adjust to the new patterns, among other things. Do as much research as you can on 3 month old sleep schedule so that you are well prepared when you start.

Set up a routine: For you to be successful in sleep training, you should set up a schedule that will make your baby prepared for sleep. This could be things like a bath, light feeding and cuddling.

Adjust feeding: If you want the baby to sleep soundly, you should readjust their feeding schedule. Make the meals heavier during the day and when they are about to have their night sleep, reduce the amount of food you are giving them. This reduces the level of restlessness that babies feel when they are overfed just before sleep.

Bear in mind that it will not be a smooth ride. Be ready for sleep regression that might come as the baby struggles to adjust to the new sleep schedule.

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