Understanding the Ferber Sleep Training Method

One of the skills that parents are equipped with when attending parent education programs is how to sleep train. Sleep training is an essential part on the well being of both children and parents. A well rested baby will be less fussy and this relieves stress from parents and allows them to relax and channel their energy into other fulfilling things that come with parenting. A popular sleep training method is the Ferber method where the baby is allowed to self soothe and fall asleep without being held or comforted.

How to Make It Work

Many parents who are being introduced to the Ferber method always feel anxious bout whether it will work and if they have the patience to wait for their child to fuss and fall asleep by themselves. Some of the tips that can make it easier include:

Start at the right time: It is counteractive to try out the Ferber method when the infant is too young. Professionals advise against starting it before the baby is three months old.

Getting started: Parents need time to have fun and get entertainment, but this is only possible if they have enough rest. To get started on the Ferber method, experts in parent education programs advice that you place a sleepy infant on their bed while they are still awake. You should then leave the room. When they cry, wait for a short time (three minutes on the first night) before you soothe them. By soothing, it means tapping them gently but not lifting and carrying them.

Remember that consistency is key in ensuring any sleep training method works. Keep consulting and do not give up when you do not get immediate results.